In The Game Room – Episode 6 – Playing TAC II

In this episode, Chris and I take you thought 3 turns of a TAC II game. It’s a long video, but if you make it through the video you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the game works.
In the end, Chris won at the end of turn 5 when my last two HMMWVs retreated off the board. Chris had two T-90s and one BMP-2 left at the end. So,,, Chris won… beginners luck 🙂



Next Episode Coming This Tuesday

The next “In The Game Room” show is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. In this episode Chris and I will do a demo of my Micro Armor game TAC II. I’m still working out the logistics, but I hope to get very fancy in this episode and do a two-camera shoot with one camera directly over the game board shooting straight down so you can see all the action and another camera pointed at Chris and I … and that camera’s view will show up as a picture-in-picture on the final video. It all seems very simple in Final Cut Pro … but I’m a novice at this sort of stuff… so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

In The Game Room – Episode 5

In this episode I take you on a tour of the Orccon 2016 convention in Los Angeles CA. We spend a few minutes in the dealer room and then venture out into the big open gaming room. There are many more areas to explore at this convention, but I just cover those two in this video. In the second half of the video I play the audio from being interviewed for the “In The Garage” podcast. Harold and Jason (from Clear Horizon Miniatures) do a very cool weekly podcast on gaming and they decided to interview me at the convention for their latest show and we had a very good time. This interview portion is audio only, but it’s still pretty good.

In the next show, in about a week, we’ll be back In The Game Room again.

You can check out the “In The Garage” podcast at

In The Game Room – Episode 3

In this episode you get to meet my friend and new co-host, Chris and get to know more about both of us as gamers. We go way back and talk about how we got our starts in gaming and how it led us to where we are today. Chris asks me about how I turned my hobby into a successful full time business. We talk about his brief love affair with Robotech and his new found love for Flames of War. I go on a rant about miniatures scale and I talk a little bit about some new projects I’ve been working on.
So, strap in,,, it’s a 44 minute ride and I hope it’s half as fun for you as it was for us.