In The Game Room – Audio Podcast 5

Future episode ideas. Post them in the comments here or send audio files to

Text from this podcast:

Hi guys, welcome to In The Game Room, the audio podcast. I’ve got about 10 minutes to burn here tonight so I thought I would just do a real quick audio podcast. I don’t really have any script or anything in front of me but I do have one topic I wanted to talk about,,, and that topic is topics. Topics for future podcasts. I would really love to hear from you guys and get some suggestions of things you would like me to talk about. I’ve been a miniatures gamer for 30 something years since actually since the late 1970s so it’s been a long time. I’ve been a professional model maker my whole life and I’ve been a miniatures manufacturer full time for the last seven years plus,, so there’s probably some things there I could talk about. I could talk about the miniatures gaming industry or business as a whole, talk about manufacturing techniques, talk about model making techniques, or miniatures making techniques which are the same thing gaming in general, whatever, I’m just looking for some ideas. I can sit here and talk to this microphone all night but if it’s not something you want to hear about then it’s really not doing anybody any good. I know people are listening, I get statistics back on how many people are listening every day so I know the podcast is getting out there and people are listening to it. So I’d really like to make it a little more interactive where you guys are giving me feedback and giving me ideas and then I’m coming back to you. So what I really like to see is if you would go to, that’s the blog for the podcast and in the comment section for this episode or any episode for that matter leave me a message there and let me know what topic you’d like to hear about, whether it’s just for whatever reason you just want to hear my opinion on something or if it’s something that you know that I have experience with and you want information on how to do different things in the gaming and miniatures world. I’m happy to share whatever I can, I’m not going to give away every single trade secret I know but I’m willing to share. So if you could leave me some comments with ideas and topics and questions specific questions to be great. If you really want to go the extra step and record your question in audio format and then email it to me at I can actually play your question in the podcast and then respond to it which will make it even more interactive. So, I think that’s about all I want to talk about tonight I just wanted try to get some more feedback from you guys. The podcast is going well, like I said I know people are listening to it I hope you’re enjoying it,,, I enjoy doing it but I’m really kind of reaching for ideas and when I come up with an idea the first thing I think in my brain is “do people really want to hear about that”, you know, whatever, so it would be really great if some people would, you know, give me an idea and then I’ll know that something you want to hear about and I’ll be happy to try to do it for you. So I think that’s it for tonight just a real quickie, just begging for some show topics ideas, questions, comments, complaints, whatever, leave them in the comments sections on the blog at That’s it for now, I’ll get back you guys real soon, hopefully I’ll have some fresh ideas. Thank you very much for listening


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