In The Game Room – Audio Episode 7 – GenCon

Miniatures, Card Games, Fancy Dice, and Werewolves … Oh my….


Podcast Outline:  (Not a script, an outline)

Friday,,, day 2 of GenCon

Checked out the new ships for Dropfleet Commander from Hawk Wargames
Posted a video on where one of the Hawk Wargames people explains what the game is about. On that video there are also lots of still images of the new models.

Finally got to see Artisan Dice in person. Very nice, but very expensive. I thought about buying some but I could not bring myself to pay $120 or more for a set of dice, especially when all I use for my game are percentage dice (1-100).

After checking out Artisan I buzzed over to Chessex and looked at their new Faux Metal Jacket line of dice. These are traditional dice that are metal coated … I think it’s a vacuum meta living process like you would see on chrome parts of a model kit. The metal coating is thick enough that it adds some nice weight to the dice. They even make some that are metal coated and then colored with some other process , I saw a really annoying set that was super hot pink …. So I bought a pair of these.

Add on cards for Cards Against Humanity,,, called Humanity Hates Trump. Leave politics out … They are just really fucking hilarious cards. They can be added to your Cards Against Humanity Game or even be used as a stand-alone game.

As I do all conventions, I spent several hours watching Ultimate Werewolf. If you are not familiar with this game, it’s normally played late at night at conventions… I won’t bother explaining it,,, just find a game and get in out or just watch. I love to watch the game because it’s fun to know who is who and then how they interact with their fellow players. It’s fun to see who is a good liar and who is not.

One of the fun things about these conventions is running into people that I know ,,, usually they are customers of mine. Today I had two very random encounters… One was while walking from my hotel to the convention center I saw someone that I recognize from the conventions that I exhibit at in Los Angeles three times a year … I did I not know that guys name but I recognized him and said hi, he recognized me as well. I ran into another guy today in one of the convention center hallways, he’s a really nice guy named Christopher, he always comes by my booth in LA with his son and they always spend time chatting with me. It’s was so cool to run into him two thousand miles from home.

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Lots of content coming….

I am creating a lot of content (video, audio, and photos) here at GenCon to share with you guys In The Game Room Podcast. Stay tuned ,,, I may have to wait till I get home to share any of it. The Internet at this hotel is stressed beyond capacity, the hotel is full of gamers, each with multiple wireless devices … Getting online here is worse than the days of the 9600 baud dial-up model (there are young people that don’t even know what that means) … Uploading loads of images or large video or audio files is just not an option right now.