A very short read … but worth reading

I found this text in the Forward of the rulebook for Beyond the Gates of Antares. This paragraph seems like something everyone should read before starting any gaming session.

“Before we embark let us remember that as gamers we share a common bond not only with each other but specifically with our opponents, without whom there would be no games to play, no dice to roll and no reason to collect and paint our armies. All wargames are to a degree collaborative affairs in which, win or lose, it is the adventure of battle that matters most. These rules have been created to help us moderate our games, but no rules can hope to cover every conceivable circumstance, let alone the inconceivable ones! There will always be occasions when we must rely upon our mutual understanding, consideration and good sense. When we ready our forces for battle let those be the qualities we bring to the table along with our armies and dice.

Rick Priestley 2015”

In The Game Room – Episode 65

Announcing a new product line added to the GCmini.com website today. Beyond The Gates Of Antares is a 28mm sci-fi skirmish level wargame from Warlord Games. We are very excited to offer this new product line and personally pretty excited to start playing the game 🙂
The Beyond The Gates Of Antares product line is available now at GCmini.com

Sorry about the really crappy color quality of this video, I have no idea what I did to screw up the image that bad but it really looks horrible.