In The Game Room – Episode 74 – Getting Paratroopers Into The Game

Tonight I talk about an idea I had for getting paratroopers on board at the beginning of the game and adding some randomess to where they drop in. I’ll be using this technique for Bolt Action, but it would apply to many games in many scales.

In The Game Room – Episode 72 – The “Final” Word on Wargaming Scales

In this video I explain the model scale equivalents to the wargaming “mm” scale system. In this video I use mathematical equations to show what modeling scales correlate to wargaming “mm” scales. This should clear this issue up, once and for all ….. but it won’t. Everyone has opinions on this topic and for some people, no amount of facts or math is going to change those opinions. But for those interested in knowing the facts, this video might be interesting to you.