Early Intel Is In

There have been intelligence reports trickling in that will be helpful for those competing on our Bolt Action event next weekend at Gamex In Los Angeles.

A German intel officer sent back reports that he saw what looked like 4 medium sized squads of Sikh soldiers and one rather large squad of 10 men.  there were also a few smaller squads that he could not identify and one larger team weapon of some sort.  There were also two vehicles that he could not identify.  The last thing he reported before he was captured was they he thought he saw 2 or 3 small squads of SAS troops (not in the photo, because he got captured before he could send it) and there may or may not have been a vehicle attached to these SAS dudes.

The Commonwealth has been busy collecting intel as well.  They are reporting at least three very strong DAK squads with at least on LMG each, there seem to be a few more LMG teams as well.  Two other small small squads are unidentified.  There are also three vehicles which is very concerning, especially since one looks to be a tank, fresh from the European theatre.

The town we will be battling in appears to be very densely populated with buildings (a couple more might pop up before the game ,,, these guys build fast) which is going to make this a very closely fought battle.  There will be three objectives that must be captured and held at the end of turn 6.  There is a red Citroen at the north end of town, a fountain in the town center, and a third objective to be named later at the south end of town.

Feel free to click on any of these photos and view them full size and get whatever intel you can from them.


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