I’ve been away a bit …

Some of you may have noticed the lack of podcasts over the last month.  If you listened to the last one you’ll know that my father passed away last month.  I’ve been dealing with his estate and related matters for the last month and things are finally starting to feel like they are getting done.  Add to that, the fact that November and December are the busiest months of the year for my company and I you’ll see why I’ve hardly a moment to myself since early November.

Things are starting to settle down, Christmas is over, the list of things I need to deal with for my dads estate is getting shorter ,,, it won’t be long till I have a little free time again and I can start podcasting once more.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the podcast, I have a lot to talk about and show you guys.

So, hang on … I’ll be back soon.



DAK Dudes Are Done

I was really struggling getting these guys done … then as I talked about in audio episode 37, I started working on about 4-6 figures at a time and then suddenly I was having fun again and getting them done.  At some point I’ll an 88 Flak gun, a mortar team, a few motorcycles with sidecars ,,, and few other goodies … but the main force is done.

Making Progress

Here are some of the new DAK dudes I mentioned in Audio Episode 37
The guys with stolen British short pants have bodies kitbashed from the new 8th army box from Warlord.

New DAK Figures from Warlord Games

Full video review coming very soon.
Meanwhile, here’s a preview.

Note: No trimming, sanding, or anything else has been done yet.  I wanted to show what they look like straight off the sprue.

Today Was A Game Day

This was officially the first game played on the new game table in the new game room.  I played the Americans and GCmini employee Haden played the Germans.  I was victorious and we both had a great time playing.

A very short read … but worth reading

I found this text in the Forward of the rulebook for Beyond the Gates of Antares. This paragraph seems like something everyone should read before starting any gaming session.

“Before we embark let us remember that as gamers we share a common bond not only with each other but specifically with our opponents, without whom there would be no games to play, no dice to roll and no reason to collect and paint our armies. All wargames are to a degree collaborative affairs in which, win or lose, it is the adventure of battle that matters most. These rules have been created to help us moderate our games, but no rules can hope to cover every conceivable circumstance, let alone the inconceivable ones! There will always be occasions when we must rely upon our mutual understanding, consideration and good sense. When we ready our forces for battle let those be the qualities we bring to the table along with our armies and dice.

Rick Priestley 2015”