Lots of content coming….

I am creating a lot of content (video, audio, and photos) here at GenCon to share with you guys In The Game Room Podcast. Stay tuned ,,, I may have to wait till I get home to share any of it. The Internet at this hotel is stressed beyond capacity, the hotel is full of gamers, each with multiple wireless devices … Getting online here is worse than the days of the 9600 baud dial-up model (there are young people that don’t even know what that means) … Uploading loads of images or large video or audio files is just not an option right now.

Next Episode Coming This Tuesday

The next “In The Game Room” show is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. In this episode Chris and I will do a demo of my Micro Armor game TAC II. I’m still working out the logistics, but I hope to get very fancy in this episode and do a two-camera shoot with one camera directly over the game board shooting straight down so you can see all the action and another camera pointed at Chris and I … and that camera’s view will show up as a picture-in-picture on the final video. It all seems very simple in Final Cut Pro … but I’m a novice at this sort of stuff… so we’ll see how it goes 🙂