In The Game Room – Episode 108 – The Game Room Big Reveal

It’s done !!!!


Game Room Progress – Gaming Table

The gaming surface is 4′ x 8′ and there is a 3 1/4″ shelf all around the table for setting cans, bottles, dice, figures, tape measures, etc on so that you do not have to place those items on the gaming surface.
I’ll move this outside tomorrow and sand everything and get a coat of paint on the shelf bits.  I think the top playing surface will be covered in felt, green most likely.

The New Game Room – Week 3

It took the contractors just over a week (9 days really) to get the building built.  After that I worked on it for a few more days finishing out the second week. I took a few days to screw off at Historicon and I’m back working on the building and calling this the 3rd week.

The shelf units have been ordered from Ikea and should be here late next week, I’ll have the carpet down in the Game Room area this weekend.  Then I’ll build the game table.  We are getting close now.

The New Game Room – Day 12

Today was spent painting the green at the Game Room end of the building.

The New Game Room – Day 11

Today was spent applying the primer to the walls and ceiling.  It was a big job, but it’s done.  I should get paint for the Game Room end of the building tomorrow and get that applied.  Once that’s done the floor gets painted and it’s time to start moving in.

(dark spots on the primer are still wet, once everything dries the color will be uniform)