In The Game Room – Episode 77

In this episode Chris and I are just about to start a game of Bolt Action and then the UPS truck arrives with gifts,, The new German SS troops and Chindits from Warlord Games. So we spend a few minutes going through the box and then get on with our Bolt Action game.

Note: Right around the 37 minute mark there is one minute of total silence in the video. This is because YouTube’s hyper sensitive copyright detection software heard a song playing on the radio in the background and flagged the video for copyright infringement. The only way to fix this without remaking the video was to mute that portion.


In The Game Room – Episode 56 – Our First Game Of Bolt Action

Chris and Allen play Bolt Action for the first time. Lots of mistakes were made, blood was shed, and we learned a lot. In the end it was a major success as we learned a lot and have a great time playing.