In The Game Room – Episode 76 – Buying Painted Minis

A little hobby news, box top of the Rising Sun, some new tools, and buying painted miniatures and why I don’t do it … and why I did it today.


In The Game Room – Episode 74 – Getting Paratroopers Into The Game

Tonight I talk about an idea I had for getting paratroopers on board at the beginning of the game and adding some randomess to where they drop in. I’ll be using this technique for Bolt Action, but it would apply to many games in many scales.

In The Game Room – Episode 53 – Unboxing ‘Test of Honor’

Some general discussion about my gaming, new games, conventions, and making time for hobbies.  Then unboxing the new 28mm Samurai game Test of Honour.  Also a quick look at some new 28mm Japanese terrain.

Update: I put together one of the figures and measured it from the bottom of his boots to his eyes and the measurement came out to exactly 28mm.  I think the figures being in pieces gave the impression of them being a little small, also the figures are not as “Beefy” as the Bolt Action figures which also makes them look a little smaller.  However they seem to be exactly 28mm.