In The Game Room – Episode 102

Catching up tonight on a few new projects on the workbench. Also Rubicon’s new products and a quick chat about “Bolt Action Modern”.

The Bolt Action Modern supplement is here:



In The Game Room – Episode 86 – New Stuff From Rubicon

New product releases from Rubicon Model. For the 4th quarter of 2017 Rubicon have released 9 new items. We take a quick look at each one. This is not an in-depth review, just a quick look at what’s in the box. Reviews will come later for the ones that I end up building myself.

In The Game Room – Episode 63 – Warlord vs Rubicon

This video was originally going to be simply a review of a Rubicon Models kit, then I decided it would be better to do a comparison between the same model from Rubicon and Warlord Games … unfortunate, the StuG III from Warlords is on back-order … so a Panzer IV from Warlords took it’s place and I did a general comparison of the pros and cons of each manufacturers products. I hope you enjoy.