In The Game Room – Episode 30 – Nearly 2 hours of fun

In this episode of the in the game room podcast I attend the live launch event for ClearHorizon Miniatures new product called Sigma Event 2177.
For the one hour and 45 minute broadcast we discuss ClearHorizon Miniatures’ new product for a while and then go off on dozens and dozens of different tangents including 15 mm sci-fi buildings, Games Workshop bringing back epic scale gaming this time in 10 mm scale, airbrushes, Game Ogre’s new store in Westlake Village, whiskey shots, cleaning airbrushes, future painting demos by Todd, the old sci-fi RPG called Traveller, preventing airbrush tip drying, beer, Vallejo airbrush thinner, Jason’s real job, more painting tips, back blowing, sci-fi books, more whiskey shots, cleaning and preparing metal miniatures for paint, miniatures storage solutions, CA glue and accelerator, more beer, questions from viewers, and a whole lot of general silliness and craziness.

For more info on the Sigma Event 2177 Starter Kit visit