In The Game Room – Episode 107

An update on the progress of the new painting workbench.


Getting ready to use the Game Room for the first time

The game room is not done, but getting closer.  Next week IKEA will be delivering the shelf units and I’ll be building the 4′ x 8′ game table.  Tonight I got the carpet down and built my workbench.  I need to paint the workbench surface and the steel pipe legs.
Tomorrow we will be having a game of Bolt Action … first game in the new room.  Kinda exciting.
A few weeks ago this location was nothing but dirt.

Workbench Progress

A while back, starting with episode number 39, I began cleaning and reorganizing my workbench. A few episodes later the workbench was basically finished, but there was always a separate, small bench off to the left that still required attention. Today, I finally got around to giving that small workbench a little bit of attention. It’s not done, but it’s a lot better than was last time you guys saw it.